Welcome to the online studio of Treden Wagoner, artist and portrait painter.

Treden Wagoner is a professional artist and art educator with over 22 years experience. He graduated with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1992. In 2001, he earned a Masters of Arts in Education, specializing in art education, from the College of St. Catherine.

For over a decade my work has focused on portrait painting, with attention to surface, texture, and color. I am currently accepting commissions for paintings to be delivered in 2016.


Treden created something stunningly peaceful and beautiful from an Instagram photo I posted of my wife and one month old baby.  It means more than any photograph that we could put up because it lets you move past a literal representation of the moment to an expression of what it all meant. It brought all of the emotion into focus.
Our daughter gets excited by it because she knows she’s the baby in the picture and can see how loved she was. It hangs in a place we can see it from many rooms and I like looking up from doing something mundane and seeing that moment.  We are grateful to Treden for the care and work that went into it.
Sara Hurley

Each time look I at the paintings that Treden painted, I see them differently and appreciate the nuances. The paintings are of my two children and me. As a mom, I wanted to hold on to my children’s youth and our time together. Looking at the paintings again and again, I began to learn more about myself. Treden is a gifted artist and I will continue to seek out his services for many years to come.

Belle Khuu

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